Meinheld is a high-performance WSGI-compliant web server that takes advantage of greenlet and picoev to enable asynchronous network I/O in a light-weight manner.

Serving with the stand-alone HTTP server:

from meinheld import server

def hello_world(environ, start_response):
    status = '200 OK'
    res = "Hello world!"
    response_headers = [
    start_response(status, response_headers)
    return [res]

server.listen(("", 8000))

Meinheld can also serve through Gunicorn.

$ gunicorn --workers=2 \ --worker-class="egg:meinheld#gunicorn_worker" \ gunicorn_test:app


Installation of Meinheld is easy.

$ easy_install -ZU meinheld


$ python install

to install Meinheld from the source package that is available on PyPI.

Meinheld depends on the following third-party component.

You need to install it before building and installing Meinheld.

Who uses Meinheld?

Meinheld is used by the following organizations / companies:


BSD-style license. You can review the full license terms here:


You can reach the developers via


The source repository of Meinheld is available on GitHub.

mopemope/meinheld - GitHub